GoogleFit with your smartphone

Modified on Tue, 17 Jan 2023 at 10:54 AM

1. Open Google Fit regularly to check and sync your data.

Google Fit regularly receives data from your tracker and your smartphone. It then uses an intelligent algorithm to combine the data. The data that arrives at Humanoo is the data you see in Google Fit. This can be significantly different than the data from your tracker.

2. Charge your phone and tracker to ensure data transfer.

HUMANOO is constantly collecting data from Google Fit in the background, but sometimes data is not transferred from Google Fit due to factors such as low battery or poor internet connection.

3. Be patient: the data is not displayed in real time.

HUMANOO updates your data as soon as an update from Google Fit has come. This means that your data will not be displayed in real time in HUMANOO. But don't worry, during the day all your data will be updated.

4. For a more reliable data synchronization a switch can help.

If you're having trouble with Google Fit, Humanoo's developers recommend switching to one of the wearables that Humanoo offers a direct and more stable connection to, like Fitbit, Garmin, Withings, etc.

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