2.3 I cannot log in. What are the possible causes?

1. have you forgotten your password?

2. are you joining HUMANOO for the first time? - Please note that your company will not "pre-create" an account for you. You can easily register yourself.

3. are there any problems with the login?

  • If you are logged out, you must log in again to use HUMANOO. To do so, tap "Login" at the bottom right of the home screen. 
  • Please note that the password is case sensitive.
  • If you have registered with your Apple ID or Google account, use them again to log in.
  • You have entered your username during registration. If you entered your email address during registration, you can also use this instead of your username. Your username is not your HUMANOO ID.
  • If there is a period in your username, be aware that your smartphone may automatically insert a space here. Delete the space.

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