1.1 General troubleshooting

Normally, troubleshooting should not be necessary. 

But life doesn't always go perfectly. 

You know the situation: just now everything was going great and suddenly you have a new smartphone, for example, on which you want to log in and suddenly "nothing works anymore".

Here are a few steps you can always follow if you're having general problems with the HUMANOO app - by the way, many of these steps transfer well to other apps!

  • Make sure you always have the latest version of the HUMANOO App from the Google Playstore / Apple Appstore. This is optimally adapted to the current operating system of your smartphone and so you will not miss any new features! Often you can also set your smartphone to download these updates automatically.
  • It sounds banal, but often it helps to turn your smartphone off and on again once
  • Close the app (completely). Pressing the "Home" button does not close an app completely, but usually keeps it open in the background. To close the HUMANOO app completely, proceed as follows:
    • On an iPhone: press the "Home" button (white button at the bottom) 2x in quick succession. Now "swipe" the app away upwards

    • On an Android smartphone: the procedure may vary depending on the model: Long press and hold the home button of your smartphone. All apps running in the background will then be displayed. Alternatively, press the "Last used" button (square at the bottom right) on a Huawei smartphone, for example. Now "swipe" the app upwards.

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