4.1.7 Why can't I see a challenge?

There can be several reasons why a challenge is not immediately visible under the "Challenges" tab: 

1st reason: There are already several challenges running (and the one you are looking for is not immediately visible).

Most likely your Challenge is in the second tab. Just swipe the image of the first challenge to the left to see the second challenge. Here you will also find detailed instructions.

2nd reason: The Challenge is finished

Challenges only run for a certain time. You can see the progress of your challenges in the "Challenges" tab at the top by tapping on the small clock.

3rd reason: ...or the challenge has not started yet.

You should already find future challenges under the tab "Challenges". Maybe your company has only announced a challenge via email, but has not created it yet. Please contact your contact person. 

4th reason: You can't see a personal challenge of a colleague

Personal challenges can only be seen by the creator, unless he/she shares a link to the challenge with you and you followed this invitation. 

5. reason: you are not part of the branch that is currently running a challenge

Challenges can be created for a parent company, specific branches, or "all". If a challenge is created only for (a) specific branch(es), only they can see it. In this case, contact your HUMANOO contact if you think this is a mistake.

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