4.1 How do I connect my tracker / tracking app?

There are two ways to connect your tracker / tracking app in HUMANOO. Both lead to the same destination. 

1) Directly in the "Challenges" tab

Step 1: Tap on the "Challenges" area.

Step 2: Directly under your steps (symbolised by the shoe icon) you will see the button "No tracker connected". Tap on it.

Step 3: Now you will get to the "Track your steps" screen. Tap on "Connect tracker" at the bottom.

Step 4: Select your tracker or tracking app and connect it.

2) In the settings

In the HUMANOO app, navigate to Connected Trackers:

1st step: in the "Progress" section, tap on the "Settings" button (small male in the black circle at the top).

Step 2: Tap on "Connected Apps

Step 3: Select your tracker or tracking app and follow the instructions.

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