How does the bonus programme work? What do I have to do?

This article refers to a feature that will soon no longer be available

Note: this function is not available to all companies. If it is not available to you, please reach out to your HUMANOO contact person 

1. Go to "Rewards" and tap on "Complete a bonus programme to earn diamonds"

(Note: for older versions this option was located under "Progress")

2. Choose your course

3. Once you have enrolled to a course, you will find it under "Rewards"

4. Tap on the course to get started

You can do one session a day, but you can also take a break between sessions. 

5. Well done!

You will see this screen once you have finished all your sessions

6. Action required 

When you return to the main screen under Rewards (previously: Progress), you will see that you need to do something here. Tap on the box. 

7. Collect your diamonds

In the following screen you will see a short description of how to proceed. Read everything carefully and then tap on "Get your diamonds".

8. Now, enter you name....

9. ...and email address to which we will send a short set of instructions on how to get your diamonds

10. All ready to go!

Now you just have to check your emails and follow the instructions

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