Activate your HUMANOO ID

You can register on your smartphone using your Google Account, Apple ID (iPhone only), email address or completely anonymously.

Enter your HUMANOO ID

  • First you will be asked to enter your HUMANOO ID  (Where do I get a HUMANOO ID?)
  • You should have received it from your employer, your insurance or contact person at HUMANOO.
  • You can also find your HUMANOO ID on the card in your HUMANOO box or on an email.
  • The HUMANOO ID is alphanumeric and has eight digits/characters. 
  • Please note: you might have been required to sign in with your company email address in order to receive a HUMANOO ID from your company/employer. This was NOT the registration process. You only needed to do this to obtain your HUMANOO ID. You can choose to register with your company email address but you do not need to. See possible methods below.

How do you want to register? - The choice is yours!

  1. Do you want to register with your Google Account or your Apple ID (iPhone only)?
  2. Or rather with your email address (it does not have to be your company address) and a password?

Option 1. Register with your Google Account or Apple ID 

  • Simply tap on the button "Sign in with Google" or "Sign in with Apple".
  • Then select your account

Option 2. register with your email address and a password

  • This does not have to be your work email address.
  • Please choose a password that either contains no special characters or only one of the following: !, #, $ or @

At least:

Now you just have to agree to our terms & conditions and declaration of consent.

  • All set! Ready to go! 

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