4.2. New Challenge Types

From autumn 2021 there will be new challenge types at HUMANOO - for more variation and even more fun! 

What has changed? 

We have listened to the feedback of our customers and users and have improved the existing challenge types and added new ones. 

For example, there is the possibility to collect steps together as a team. There are also new challenge options (as a joint or individual challenge) in the areas of cycling and running.

All new challenges are available from HUMANOO version 8.0.0. onwards, but can currently only be used for company challenges (not individual challenges).

Of course, the "old" step challenges can still be used. 

But why not collect steps together or in a team for a good cause? Or simply see who has the motivation to take part for 10 consecutive days?

Also new are challenges in which mindfulness points, training points or knowledge points can be collected.

That all sounds very complicated? - Don't worry, the challenges themselves are very intuitive and always have a description of what needs to be done to reach the goal. 

Got it? - Well then, let's go! 

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