2.2.3. I need to change my HUMANOO ID. How do I do that?

In general, there is no reason to use the option "Enter new (HUMANOO) ID" in the settings. 

However, there are cases where this may be necessary after a request from HUMANOO, e.g. if you change from a test group to a "real" account. 

And this is how it works:

(Just in case you have connected a tracker, please disconnect it first under Challenge > Tracker. This way you can avoid connection problems with your old account later on).

1. to change the HUMANOO ID, tap on the three bars in the top left corner (Settings) and then on Account

2. now tap on "Enter new ID

3. enter your new HUMANOO ID - like your old one, it has eight digits and consists of numbers and letters. Tap on "Change HUMANOO ID". 4.


You will receive a success message - but nothing will change in your account view. 5.


5. that's it :-) 

If the HUMANOO ID is not valid, the app will automatically show you an error message. In this case, please contact your HUMANOO contact person. It will look like this:

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